Inspiration: A Beautiful Rustic Chic Farm Wedding

by Donna Hann on 10/05/2015


Rustic Chic Barn Beam Wedding Altar

Overlooking the soybean field between the house and barn on my parent’s 100 acre farm was a lovely choice for my brother’s recent rustic chic wedding. The sky was clear, the day was warm (but not unbearably so), and two families came together to celebrate a new beginning.

Rustic Chic Wedding Program Fans

An herbaceous fresh squeezed lemonade was offered by the groom’s nephews for guests to enjoy during the ceremony.  It was served in my glass spigot container from a galvanized garden tray that was draped with lace.

Guests arrive to wedding programs fans and lemonade

The large white mat around a portrait of the bride and groom, which sat on an easel, served as the “guestbook”, which attendees signed before being seated.  The bride had made wedding program fans which were available for the taking from an antique wooden bowl situated on a favorite piece from my parent’s collection – a small vintage desk.  Guests were invited to sit on Amish church benches that were kindly shared by a friendly Amish neighbor.

Wendy Barlow Harpist

A dear friend, Wendy Barlow, provided gorgeous harp music both prior to and during the ceremony. The songs were as sweet and uplifting as Wendy herself!

Sweet Bridal Party Shot

The bride’s three daughters and two darling grand babies, as well as the groom’s son and daughter (my niece and nephew), served as the bridal party. All wore shades of gray and pale pink accents were scattered about.

Bride and Two Daughters. Rustic Chic

Groom, Son, Daughter. Rustic Chic.

Following the ceremony guests walked a few steps across the yard to find beverages displayed on our mom’s potting stand that usually sits on my parent’s front porch and was built by my father, while hors d’oeuvres were creatively displayed on a vintage butchering stand my antique collecting dad picked up some years ago.

Rustic Chic Tented Wedding

Dinner, catered by my colleague Brian Doyle’s terrific farm to table business, Sow Food, out of Cleveland, was served under a spacious white double hexagon tent. Round tables were adorned with a charcoal satin linen topped with lace fabric that just peaked out under a burlap runner, melding the rustic with the chic. Freshly cut wood slabs from the nearby woods sat underneath 20″ tall glass vases filled with stunning flowers selected and assembled by the talented Gary Anderson, a retired horticulturalist of the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute. He also put his craftsmanship to work on the barn beam “altar” crafted by the groom, as well as on the buffet where he used fresh cut tree stumps in varying heights upon which he arranged gorgeous cascading flowers and greenery.

rustic chic wedding reception

Favors of white wine, bottled by the couple, were displayed in a vintage galvanized wash tub.

The Old Red Bank Barn

From the dining tent guests could see the red bank barn across the soy bean field where countless hours of my youth were spent: Memories of bailing hay, riding horses, playing with the farm cats, feeding orphaned baby lambs bottles of milk, and swinging from the heavy rope into the hay mow remain snug in a mind that does not often hold memories too tightly. I cherish those memories and am thankful to have been raised in our own “rustic chic” kind of way.

Bridal Table Overlooks the Family Barn


Rustic Chic Wedding

Aside from using many of my parent’s collectibles throughout the setting, my favorite personal touch in our rustic chic design was selecting some of my mom’s antique small wares that could be utilized for vases on the bridal table. The result was a showstopper.

We shall add this day and it’s delightful and delicious memories to our family’s 40 year collection of shared experiences and memories here on this farm which shall link our hearts together forever.

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