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I have a recipe question?

I often receive recipe questions via e-mail and although I try to respond to them, it benefits all my readers if you leave your question in the comment section of that recipe.  I always read new comments and try to respond to them very quickly.  Generally, you won’t be the only one who has the same question, so posting your inquiry in comments will benefit all of my readers.

What does “adapted from” mean in your recipes?

With the exception of recipes for basic things like vinaigrettes, poached eggs, and pie dough most recipes have a zillion variations.  People either cook using a recipe exactly or find inspiration from it and make it their own.  When I take someone else’s recipe and modify things like ingredient amounts, mixing instructions, cooking times or temperatures or add additional tips to personalize it, I use the term “adapted from”.  This offers the original recipe author the respect they deserve while letting you know that it has my own personal touches.  When a recipe is inspired by another but changed substantially, I will use the term “inspired by”.  Please pass this respect on and credit me if you use my recipes or ideas.  When you don’t see any source on a recipe in my archives, it is an original creation.

Can I post one of your recipes on my site?  

I’d be flattered! All I ask is that you identify The Culinary Artist as the place you found the recipe with a live link back to the original post.  I’m sure your readers would appreciate it if you personalized the recipe instructions using your own words. Additionally, please use your own photos as my photographs are copyright protected.  You can read more about the compelling world of recipe attribution here:  http://foodblogalliance.com/a/recipe-attribution/

What kind of publishing software do you use?

The Culinary Artist is run on WordPress software using the Thesis theme.  It is hosted by Web Feat Works.  Brian Alonzo designed the site.

How can I be notified the next time you share a post?

So glad you asked, you can do that here

Can I use one of the photos on your site on my site or in our magazine?

While I appreciate that you enjoy the photographs on my blog, they are all copyright protected.  Please do not use anything, photos or text, without my explicit permission.  Please contact me to ask.

Can our company send you a product or sample for review?

I occasionally mention the products that I use when developing a recipe or writing a post for the blog.  Although I am very selective about accepting new products, you are welcome to send me a sample.   I only feature products that are related to what I do and that I know my readers will love. Occasionally, I don’t write about a product I have received because it doesn’t fit in with my current content, rather than because I disliked it. If you do send me samples and I don’t write about the product, feel free to contact me for my honest feedback.  If I do end up writing about your product, I will disclose to my readers that I received it from the company as a gift. I reserve the right to express my opinions (good or bad) or say nothing at all.  I will never accept payment to publish positive feedback.

Do you review cookbooks or other books?

I am happy to receive books to review, but I make no guarantees that I will review them. My main focus right now is gluten and dairy free recipe development (sugar free and vegetarian are also areas of interest), as well as event styling and party planning, so sending me a cookbook that focuses on allergen free cooking/baking or a book on event design heightens the chance that I will review it. If I do receive a book and review it, I will disclose to my readers that I received it as a gift from the publisher.


The Culinary Artist Disclosure Policy

This blog is written and edited by me, Donna Hann. The views and opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  Any product claim, statistic, quote, or representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or party in question.  For questions about this blog, please contact me at dhann [at] theculinaryartist [dot] com.

This blog accepts compensation and/or products, however, this compensation will never affect blog content or influence my opinions on any subject or product. I only write about products that meet my high expectations and that I believe my readers would enjoy.  This blog may use any or all of the following methods at any given time to earn income:

  • Affiliate Programs:  I participate in the Amazon Associates Program on Amazon.com.  Purchases made through this affiliate link on The Culinary Artist yield a small referral fee.  In most cases, this applies to purchases made on Amazon, regardless of whether the product the consumer purchases was mentioned by me or not assuming the purchase was made as a result of a link on The Culinary Artist.  So why not start all of your Amazon shopping here?  *If I use any other affiliate program, I will either note it individually or update this page with that information.
  • Advertising Networks:  I may use Google Adsense which feeds ads into specific quadrants on The Culinary Artist.  I do not actively monitor the ads, but will work to remove questionable ads if I get feedback about them.  I make money on these networks on either a per impression or per click basis.
  • Sponsorships: Occasionally, I will sell sponsorships on The Culinary Artist.  These companies are always labeled as a sponsor.
  • Products:  I may receive books for free from publishers to be used for reviews.  Besides books, I may occasionally write about products or services.  If I am compensated in any form, or given anything for free, I will disclose that within the post.


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