Baby Shower Cookie Favors

by Donna Hann on 09/07/2012

A client-friend of mine from back in my 4-H sheep showing days (I’m a farm girl at heart, you know) ordered four dozen sugar cookie favors for a baby shower she was hosting for a friend.  After mixing up my favorite vanilla sugar cookie dough recipe, I rolled the dough out into sheets between parchment paper using my Evendough Bands on my rolling pins to achieve a perfectly even thickness.  I then chilled the dough sheets.  I find this method so much easier than most sugar cookie recipes which call for chilling your just mixed ball of dough and then attempting to roll out said rock solid ball of dough into an even thickness before cutting out your shapes with cookie cutters.  Quite often, I’ll make my dough several days in advance, roll it out into sheets, and keep it frozen until I’m just ready to cut shapes and bake.

For this job, I chose 3-4″ cutters in baby gown, bottle, and onesie shapes.  After the cookies had baked and cooled, I brushed each one lightly with a coating of corn syrup before attaching fondant decor.  The cookies were bagged in food safe cellophane bags and tied with grosgrain ribbon to coordinate with the party’s color scheme.

The accents on the cookies were made with royal icing.

Sugar Cookie Baby Gown Favor

The buttons on this baby gown are my favorite accent.  I used the end of a plain piping tip to cut out the round button shape and then poked four evenly space holes using my fondant tools.

I used rubber stamps (that I only use for baking) to emboss the word “baby” into the soft fondant.  You could also personalize your cookies with the baby’s name.

Do you have any tricks for using non-traditional supplies, like I did with the rubber stamps, to create accents in fondant?  I’d love to hear them!

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