Monogrammed Baby Onesie Mini Cake

by Donna Hann on 06/27/2012

Our dearest friends were expecting their first baby together, a sweet little girl who was to be named Emma.  Wanting to tap into my inner girliness (and sweet tooth), I offered to make the cupcakes for their summertime “family” baby shower.  Inspired by a large onesie cookie cutter, I baked a yellow cake in an 8″ round pan, and using the cookie cutter, cut a onesie out of the cake after it had cooled completely.  I covered the entire cake in frosting (choose something light colored) to act as glue for the fondant to adhere to.  After rolling out a sheet of fondant that I had dyed a pale baby pink, I covered the cake in it, sealing down the edges all the way around.  I used my fondant tools to create a stitched edge look where the arm and leg seams would be.  I added an additional piece of fondant for the piece of fabric that snaps between the legs and made mock “snaps” using tiny fondant balls that had been pressed with the tip of one of the fondant tools to create an indentation.  A monogrammed “E” in red fondant finishes off the look.

Monogrammed Baby Onesie Mini Cake

I also created strawberry lemonade, chocolate, vanilla, watermelon, and cookies ‘n cream cupcake flavors with various toppers which I displayed on this 2 piece wooden stand.

Baby Shower Onesie Mini Cake and Cupcakes

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