An Ohio Wedding: Winery Style

by Donna Hann on 09/17/2012

I talked in this post about a Winery Inspired Seating Card Display that I created for a darling couple that celebrated their nuptials at an elaborately landscaped winery in Northern Ohio.  The couple chose to utilize the natural elements of the outdoor venue as their inspiration and selected a beautiful palette of mauve, navy blue, salmon, and sage green.  It was a gorgeous color scheme that I had so much fun playing with as I designed various elements for their reception.

The winery had this great looking wagon tucked away in the back of the property.  It fit our rustic elegance feel to a “T” so I got permission to use it.  During cocktails and dinner we used the wagon to stage the “wishing tree”.  Perhaps you’ve seen these guest book stand-ins before?  We took a large vessel, filled it with rocks to stabilize it and then placed just cut branches into the rocks.  (Some couples elect to purchase Manzanita branches, when they don’t have the option of walking outback to the woods behind the house with a hack saw in hand.)  We thought our wishing tree had a dainty elegance to it. The wishing tree was surrounded by framed wedding photos of the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom’s family.

I took cream colored note cards and stamped the back with a cute “tree motif”.  The cards were strung with sage green ribbon through a hole I punched in each one.  They were then stacked neatly to be placed in darling wooden boxes the bride’s mother had purchased when the two of us went on a wedding inspiration outing to the fall Herb Fair at Quailcrest Farm.




Guests were instructed by the verbage in our Wishing Tree poem, mounted in a black worn wooden frame, to take a card and jot down a wish, memory, picture or word of wisdom and hang it on the tree.  By night’s end, the tree was full of love in the form of these darling keepsakes.

Guests enjoyed cocktails in the winery and courtyard prior to entering the tent to be seated for a plated dinner.

Cocktail Hour

The bride and groom looking at the seat assignments








The bride and groom were seated at a square table draped in a rose colored crinkle taffeta with both of their parents at their sides.  Guests were seated at round tables covered in moss green crinkle taffeta.  Linens were rented through the fabulous Cleveland based specialty linen provider, L’Nique.

Mr. and Mrs. Signs

Attendees were invited to grab a pair of “dancing shoes” as they entered the dining tent.  After finding their assigned table, using the clever wine key seat assignment cards, they were greeted with a menu on pink scalloped card stock.


 The floral decor, which the bride’s family arranged, brought the design elements over the top.

To incorporate the wine theme into our dining table numbers, we glued three corks together, forming a triangle.  A heavy piece of scalloped rose colored paper with coordinating pink die cut card stock number was wedged into a slit we made in the top cork.  The bottom corks were glued to a metal ring from the hardware store to provide some stability.

The bride’s mother requested that I prepare the wedding cake (I had never made a wedding cake before – lots of celebration cakes, yes, but never a cake which had such expectations upon it) and the cupcakes.  A lover of cupcakes, I am, so creating those was, well, a piece of cake.  The wedding cake, I agreed to with trepidation.  The bride’s mother provided me with her recipe for red velvet cake and I filled and frosted it with Italian meringue buttercream.  I hope it satisfied the bride and groom on their day of new beginnings.

As the bride and groom shared their red velvet cake, guests gobbled up the many flavors of cupcakes set before them at the cupcake buffet.  Cookies n Cream, Almond, Nutella, Lemon, etc.

In the event that guest’s hadn’t indulged themselves enough this beautiful evening, a spread of cookies was prepared (by me) to be displayed on the Wishing Tree Wagon where the family pictures had once been staged.  A framed sign read “Take a Little, Take a lot, Enjoy the Treats, We Tied the Knot” and was set near a box full of glassine bags with a monogrammed stamp of the couple’s initials for guest’s to fill as they departed.  Most guests didn’t opt for a bag, however.  They happily munched on handfuls of cookies, leaving a trail of happy crumbs behind them as they found their way home after a fabulous night.

I must say as an event coordinator, this was certainly one of the most memorable times I have had planning and executing a function.   The warm and friendly clients who gave me plenty of creative license made the weeks leading up to the event enjoyable and exciting.  I thank them for the experience and the memories.

I also thank the talented Kitty Maer of Kitty Maer Photography, whom the bride contracted to provide the wedding photography, for sharing these stunning shapshots of the wedding.

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