A Backyard Camping Birthday Party

by Donna on 08/03/2015

Now that I’m busy planning my daughter’s 11th birthday celebration that will be upon us this month, I’ve realized I never shared with you what I planned for her 10th birthday.

She requested an overnight campout party with her girlfriends and as a lover of camping myself, I was happy to oblige.

Welcome to Camp

Once the girls got their camping gear thrown into their tents, we had an archery lesson.

Archery Lesson

After each girl had the opportunity to shoot at a target with the bow and arrow, they headed to the backyard for some refreshments. It was a hot August day and some fresh squeezed lemonade and strawberry-watermelon agua fresca were in order. Each girl’s initial was written on a chalk board label and attached to a mason jar to avoid the “which cup is mine…Oh I’ll go get another one” syndrome.

Camp Out Refreshers

The girls had some giggles in the tent followed by a homemade pizza party. Fresh fruit, vegetable crudités with buttermilk ranch served in a cast iron skillet, and a summer salad with strawberries, blueberries, and almonds rounded out the meal. Slices of tree stumps helped to elevate the food which created interest and brought in a rustic feel to the buffet.

Campers Pizza Party

Pink Accents on the Buffet

Lanterns added charm and the pond in the background was the perfect backdrop.

Pizza, Gluten Free, of course

After dinner, sleeping bags were unrolled and pillows put in place so when nightfall came, everyone knew where their “bed” was. There were plenty of flashlights, too, to create comfort in the dark of night.

camp out view

A birthday isn’t complete without a cake, usually homemade, which I enjoy baking. Aubrey wanted a camping themed cake with fondant accents on top. We both had fun creating a few tents, sticks with marshmallows on them set near the campfire (which was made by melting crushed hard candy into “bark” and then breaking it into shards), evergreen trees, and a cascading waterfall leading to a pond where a fishing pole had been left behind. It was a fun creation. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe.

Campout Cake

Here are some close up shots of the details on the cake. The buttercream was left intentionally rough to offer a more natural look.

Fondant and Candy "Campfire"

Fondant Tree

Camp Aubrey Cake

The night was full of laughter, the temperature was perfect, and the crackle from the campfire helped the girls eventually drift off to sleep. Waffles with fruit toppings and juice were served before the groggy campers departed in the morning. Planning parties with my wonderfully creative daughter are a pure delight. Each year I am more amazed at the details she thinks of to incorporate into her celebration. I look forward to sharing many, many more with you dear Aubrey.

Waffles with Syrup


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