Rhubarb Crunch, Gluten & Dairy Free

by Donna on 04/10/2015


For nearly two years this blog has had no voice, due in large part to an accident that I recently shared with you here. Your responses to that blog post were surprising, overwhelming, heart-warming, and encouraging to me. I feel your supportive and prayerful messages in my heart. I reread them often. I surely didn’t expect your reactions, but am so thankful that you shared what you experienced when you read my story. You see, when someone has a brain injury, we often look, “just fine”. It’s called the “silent disability” for a reason. Although I may look “just the same as always”, (except for the added wrinkles this journey has awarded me) every day reminds me differently. Feeling your presence and support makes it that much easier. As Glennon Doyle Melton (the author of the fabulous book, Carry On Warrior, The Power of Embracing Your Messy Beautiful Life) said on her blog, Momastery:

“I believe that life starts when we stop running from pain and instead surrender to it. We can’t remain on the lam from pain forever. The running and deflecting and numbing always cause more trouble than the pain would have. Healing begins when we stop running and turn ourselves in. We say: here I am, pain. I give up. Have your way with me. All that stuff really happened. I’ll let myself feel it now. Then I’ll tell the story and let other people feel it, too.”

And that’s what I’m doing – for me, and for you (if you’d like).

Chopped and Measured

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Discovering My New Normal

by Donna March 22, 2015

Discovering my new normal… I’m easing back in. I’m finding my way. I’m searching to find a friend in gratefulness for all that has happened to me since I last shared with you here. I’m scrounging up my confidence and my courage. I am tip toeing up to the keyboard afraid to read what might […]

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The Immokalee Produce Market and a Guacamole Recipe

by Donna April 9, 2013

Last week was spring break and my family and I were fortunate to travel to southwest Florida to visit my “snowbird” parents who were on an extended vacation of their own there.  This was a special trip as my Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma, underwent chemotherapy, and entered remission all since August.  It has been […]

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Devil’s Food Cake: moist, delicious, and gluten & dairy free

by Donna March 3, 2013
Thumbnail image for Devil’s Food Cake: moist, delicious, and gluten & dairy free

Is there any American food more iconic to celebrations than cake?  Some make cakes from scratch, others use boxed mixes, while others order them from their local grocery or favorite bakery.  All to celebrate those we love on their special day.  There is something very exciting about being presented with a cake, all moist and […]

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Chocolate Decadence Torte: gluten & dairy free

by Donna January 13, 2013

Chocolate.  Yes, chocolate is my very favorite of all sweet indulgences.  Yours too?  I already knew that.  That’s why I’m sharing with you my latest creation, Chocolate Decadence Torte, naturally gluten free because it is a flourless cake, of sorts.  In fact, it only has a handful of ingredients.  My inspiration for this recipe comes […]

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Christmas Waffles

by Donna December 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve morning and as I sit in my living room enjoying the lights on the tree while I plan our Christmas morning menu, my two children squeeze in on either side of me, excited to talk about the next few days activities.  We chat about presents, grandparents, snow, and food before they scamper […]

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Pasta with Meatballs: Gluten & Dairy Free

by Donna December 1, 2012
Gluten Free Meatballs

Brown rice pasta has become quite a staple in our house since we went gluten free.  My kids absolutely love it.  We probably enjoy pasta at least once a week, and typically on nights when we’re shorter on time.  To give us a change of pace from basic pasta with sauce, I reinvented my favorite […]

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Blueberry Muffins – Gluten & Dairy Free

by Donna November 13, 2012
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This summer we picked blueberries as a family at a picturesque orchard that was perched up on top of the rolling Ohio hills about half an hour from our home.  We had picked strawberries earlier in the season at this same orchard and loved its unpretentious charm. We loaded up our trunk with the purple […]

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Peanut Butter Cup Shake Duals Milk and Sugar…En Garde!

by Donna November 1, 2012
Thumbnail image for Peanut Butter Cup Shake Duals Milk and Sugar…En Garde!

It’s been almost two years now that our family has been gluten and dairy free (well mostly – we’ve had our share of accidents and will power failures).  It’s been remarkable to see how we have begun to heal ourselves by changing the fuel we have put into our engines.  I’ve seen dark circles disappear from […]

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Teaching little hands to cook: Gluten Free Breaded Eggplant

by Donna October 20, 2012
Thumbnail image for Teaching little hands to cook: Gluten Free Breaded Eggplant

I grew up in an era when it was typical that father’s arrived home from work by 5:15 and mother’s had dinner on the table by 5:30. At least that was my reality.  Ham loaf, Swiss steak, “s&%t on a shingle” on weeknights and fried chicken or pork loin roast for Sunday dinner.  Perhaps some […]

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